Choose Where You Thrive

It’s here! My family’s guide on How to Choose Where You Will Thrive!

I have heard from dozens if not hundreds of you over the last 6 months on similar journeys as us. For any one of a million reasons, you’re feeling the nudge to go.


While there are many political conversations I would love to have over a cup of coffee and open hearts, this dear reader, is not one of them. This isn’t political, this is familial. There are slides in my post that will offer you suggestions to consider when choosing a:


- CITY -


Many of these matters relate to politics, but please hear me, I’m not asking anyone to decide how each party could improve or defend who is at fault. I’m simply encouraging anyone feeling called to relocate to objectively look at what is happening in the world around you and intentionally choose where to set your family up for best success.

*** Then let’s all roll up our sleeves and get to work. There is unrest in our country and no matter where you go or how you vote, we all need to give a shit. ***


Let me end by saying: we absolutely love + adore where we live! But we didn’t close our eyes + point to a map. It was intentional. We spent time + money + legwork, yes. But more than that, we dug into our own hearts, made lists of our own values, set intentional goals for who we want to be and trusted our experiences + intuition to guide our decision. Critical thinking is your super power. I hope these questions and bullet points help do the same for you! Over the next few days + weeks I’ll be drawing out more information from those of us migrating around the country to better help those still making decisions. We’re here! We love you! You are not alone. You are brave and mighty and capable of doing hard things.


What else is overwhelming you? What other questions do you have? Also, leave any more tips for relocating in the comments to better serve our friends with big decisions ahead of them.